Guide to Finding the Best Spray Painter

If you want to speed up through your next painting project, you must start with choosing the best paint sprayer with the right pump and tip. Equip yourself with the right paint sprayer ahead of your painting project timeframe.

Types of paint sprayers

Air-driven paint sprayers:

They are heavy duty air-driven paint sprayers that use high air-pressure right from the air compressor to atomise paint to provide a subtle finish to the target surface.

Airless sprayers:

Airless paint sprayers use electric-powered tools or gas-powered tools to pump paint mechanically into the sprayer; after that, it pushes the finish through a tip where the paint is atomised to form a spray.

Things to consider while choosing tips and patterns for your painting job

Paint sprayers are rated in terms of tip size or the size they can support. A sprayer tip size refers to the size of the opening like, for example,  a .015 tip. Sometimes it relates to the fan size in inches. At the same time, stains require small tips and less pressure, while paints and heavy coating require larger “tips” and more pressure. Before buying a “tip” for your spray painting job, consider the type of painting and pay attention to the maximum tip size and recommended tip size. The more the max recommended tip size, the more the output it does per minute.

Spray pattern refers to the shape in which the painting tool outputs to the finish, for example, round, horizontal, or vertical. Having these options lets you switch from spraying a full fan to the same width up and down without having to turn the paint sprayer.

Tips for picking a paint sprayer

Consider the type of job you are planning to accomplish with the paint sprayer. A 25 feet hose or those with a long extension cord are suitable for jobs that require distance painting like a fence. A spray painter with a long cord makes cleanup easier at your painting job. If your painting project requires a long-distance movement, consider using a unit with mounted wheels or a pack back. You will need to consider the paint capacity and how often it requires a refill. You might need to consider using a hopper or drawing directly from a can.

Another thing to consider is adjustable pressure control with low, high, cleaning and roller settings to extend the life of your sprayer tips. A unit that comes with a pressure roller can work on projects where spray painting is not feasible. Pressure roller does the job smarter than the traditional roller painting and with less mess! Note whether the sprayer takes the tip extensions something useful when painting high places like the ceilings, foyers and hard-to-reach spots in your project.

Safety tips for spray painting

Spray painters on the Gold Coast demand respect from the operators. Before using a new spray painter follow the manufacturer’s operating manual. Always wear a mask and eye protection while spraying and never spray at a person or animal nearby. Adequately cover up anything within the vicinity that need not be sprayed. Cover windows of the project because spray paint gets vaporised and sticks to anything it gets. While spraying outside, cover even the flowers and plants if it is windy and doesn’t spray against the wind.

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